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At Seven Square Learning, our methodology revolves around top-notch tutor training, fostering empathy, and championing growth. We deliver academic success through ever-evolving content, streamlined processes, and cutting-edge tech. Our tutors excel at pinpointing areas for improvement and cultivating confidence in students. We prioritize a healthy student mindset, recognizing the power of attitude in achieving success.

Committed to educational equity, we harness technology and collaboration to make high-quality learning accessible for all. By nurturing talent and embracing adaptability, we empower our students to unlock their full potential and soar to new heights.

SAT & ACT Prep

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  • Guaranteed Improvement
  • 1400+ on the SAT
  • 30+ on the ACT
  • 500+ students tutored

Student Athletes

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  • Mindset Coaching
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Customized Curriculum
  • Athletic Scholarships

Subject Tutoring

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  • HS and College Subjects
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  • Most Subjects Included

Homework Help

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  • Zero Spoonfeeding
  • Study Buddy Discounts
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AP Tests

  • Math, English & Science Tests
  • Score Guarantee Available
  • Pinpoint Areas of Strength
  • Academic Resources
  • Mindset Coaching Included

SAT Student

Baltimore, MD

Tutoring with Kartik helped me boost my scores by more than 250 points! He built my confidence up from scratch and pushed me to my potential. Thanks to his help with the SAT, I am now attending one of the top-20 colleges for Biology in the United States.

AP Calc Student

Washington D.C.

Kartik helped me with my AP Calc AB class for about 2 months. Within that time, I was able to understand more concepts in math than I could ever have at my school. I get distracted easily, but his personal attention towards my goals helped a lot.


Boundaries can separate people, but they can't separate the bond between a 'Guru' (teacher) and 'Shishya' (student).

We merge technology with subject-matter expertise. We integrate students' learning preferences with seamless tutoring adaptability. This allows our students to have an everlasting learning experience.

Their success echoes strongly in their testimonials for us.

Kartik Sarda

Founder, CEO and Chief Tutor

An Entrepreneur, Educator and Author, Kartik Sarda (aka his pen name ‘Averosz‘) started his career with a premium test-prep company in Maryland that he joined after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from Iowa State University.

After 7 years of tutoring experience in college and as a professional tutor, Kartik started Seven Square Learning to help students leverage the benefits of 1-on-1 tutoring at low costs. He specializes in customizing the tutoring experience for each student based on their strengths and weaknesses, while also building a strong connection with them.

What makes Kartik unique as a tutor is his decisiveness that he imparts in his students. No matter the subject content, his goal is never limited to score improvements. He focuses on building a drive among his students, which eventually transforms into confidence and intellectual self-sustenance. He never believed in being a helping hand to his students. Instead, he teaches them how to stand on their own after every fall, which he himself has faced quite a bit in his life.

Kartik has several interests apart from running his business. He is a published author of science fiction book titled “The Unconventional Winner”. He is extremely passionate about new technologies, especially virtual reality. You can talk to him for hours about cricket, physics, books, philosophy, and good music. He is always looking for energetic minds to engage with in deep conversations about life.