Affiliate with Us to Add Value for your Clients

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Become A Partner

Partnering with Seven Square Learning allows organizations and individuals that work with high school students to offer their clients additional services and resources. By referring your students to us for test prep and tutoring, not only will you help them get the best academic assistance, but also add another revenue stream for your business.

Our personalized instruction will help students achieve their academic goals, which can enhance the reputation of the partnering organization. Additionally, partnering with us helps parents and students access high-quality education services and resources.

    Why Join Us?

    If you are here, we will assume that you are changing student lives just like us. We believe in empowering our partners’ students via our test prep technology. Apart from monetary benefits, this can also help your brand stand out.

    Revenue Sharing

    We share 10-20% revenue for all customers referred to us by our partners.

    Quick Payments

    All partners are paid as soon as their referrals are converted to paid customers.

    Free Practice Tests

    All your high school students get access to our digital test taking platform.

    Brand Affiliation

    Expand your brand to new horizons by associating with Seven Square Learning.

    High Margins

    Our packages cost $1500 on average, which means high commissions for you.

    Accurate Tracking

    With subscription codes, you can easily track the referrals you are generating.

    Free Resources

    All our partners get access to free resources they can share with their students.

    Full Support

    Our team is here 24/7 to enhance your experience as a partner affiliate.

    My students now have multiple reasons to thank me!

    With Seven Square Learning, your students will have access to high quality tutoring and academic services at affordable prices. Our technology and operations ensure that you are not forgotten in the process!

    With no additional effort or costs, you can multiply your clients’ experience of working with you!


    “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

    – Henry Ford

    What are the minimum requirements for becoming a partner?

    Currently, we are only partnering up with people who are directly working with high school students. This includes instructors, coaches, counselors, mentors, clubs and organizations to name a few. There is no other requirement as such.

    How much revenue can I expect?

    Depending on the package that your referrals buy from us, we can help you earn $200-$400 per student referral. So if you refer 10-15 students per month, you can increase your revenue by upto $5000 per month!

    What resources do you provide to partners?

    All our partners recieve marketing materials that can help them in referring us to their students. These include pamphlets, gift cards, and stickers.

    What resources do you provide to students?

    All students of our partners get access to our online test prep platform for free. They also get access to free practice tests, study materials, and a 30-min consultation with our team.

    Can I affiliate as individual?

    Yes, you can. We do partnerships with both individuals and businesses that are working with high school students.

    Why should I trust you?

    Our technology helps us keep accurate track of all the referrals you are bringing to us. We are also working on providing our partners with a seamless dashboard to keep track of all their referrals as well as the revenue they are generating per month.

    What is the frequency of payments?

    We pay our partners at the end of every month. We have two types of customers – hourly and package. Depending upon the invoices we are generating for these customers, we will provide you the commission accordingly each payment cycle.

    What kind of people should partner up with you?

    As long as you are working with high school or college students, you can become an affiliate partner with us. We have partnered up with several instructors, coaches, institutes, counselors, and individual mentors across the United States.