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remaining for the SAT happening on March 09, 2024.
Join our SAT Crash Course before time runs out. Limited spots remaining for 1-on-1 instruction.

What you Get by Enrolling in the SAT Crash Course

8 Hours SAT Crash Course

We have designed a special course for all students seeking urgent score improvement to reach their target scores. Each course is customized according to your needs and goals.

Points Guarantee

Your diagnostic test / PSAT score is the baseline we compare your final scores with. If we are not able to reach our goal, we will provide additional tutoring for free.

Focused Practice

During the consultation call, we will know your requirements, and then based on the detailed academic diagnosis, our team will curate self-practice material for you.

Offline Doubt Reviews

Get support 24/7 via email and text. As you do last minute prep for the SAT/ACT, forward us any questions you might have trouble with, and our tutors will respond immediately.

Exclusive Content

From explainer videos to customized practice tests, you will have access to a plethora of content designed specifically for last-minute test preparation.

Student Community

Optional, but if you want, you can join our WhatsApp group where other students from around the world can provide peer review. You can also contribute to help others.

Who should apply for the SAT Crash Course?

If you fall under any of the following situations, you should apply. If more than one of these apply to you, then you should DEFINITELY apply immediately.

  • You are 60 / 2 points short of your SAT / ACT target score
  • Your target university is highly competitive with less than 20% acceptance rate
  • You are struggling with time management
  • You are making silly mistakes and losing points because of not reading the question properly
  • You are struggling on specific types of questions and need better ways to approach the problem
What is your points improvement guarantee?

We provide guaranteed improvement for the Black Belt and Beast Mode packages. Points guarantee can range from 30 points for high scoring students to as high as 100 points for those stuck at low scores. It depends upon our perception of the student and their needs based on the 15-min consultation call. A few requirements to avail points guarantee are

  1. The student needs to complete ALL homework assigned to them on time. Expect 24 sections (equivalent to 6 practice tests) worth of homework as the bare minimum.
  2. The student should not be taking other tutoring services from anyone apart from Seven Square Learning.
  3. It is mandatory to finish the 8-hour curriculum that our team will prepare for the student.
  4. The student needs to start tutoring at least 2 weeks before the official test date.
  5. Any reschedule or cancellation will revoke the points guarantee as we work on an extremely tight schedule for Crash Courses.
What are the major differences between the packages?

All packages will offer you the following:

  • 15-min consultation call, where we discuss your goals and requirements in detail to set a target score.
  • Detailed Academic Diagnosis to determine the areas that have the highest scope for improvement.
  • 8 hours of 1-on-1 tutoring with personalized attention.
  • Concept drills focused on addressing your weak areas and doubling down on your strengths.
  • Practice tests and detailed reports shared with you instantly after finishing a test.

The big difference in the packages, apart from the ones mentioned in the pricing tables, is the expert tutor that will work with you. Our tutors tiers are affected by the following factors:

  • Student feedback received after each session
  • Tutor’s educational background
  • Tutoring experience measured by the total number of tutoring hours
  • Client relationships (measured through our internal system)

The higher the price, the better benchmarks the tutor would have achieved for these factors. Also note that Black Belt and Beast Mode offer points improvement guarantee, while Brown Belt doesn’t.

When should I start?

Simple – as soon as possible, especially if the first FAQ applies to you.

Can I continue tutoring after a Crash Course?

If you have only taken one official test, we HIGHLY recommend you to continue tutoring with us to prepare for your second official test. This is because of superscoring, as we can boost your scores drastically via a combination of two official tests in comparison to just one.

Vistiy our SAT / ACT tutoring page for more details on the regular curriculum.

Crash Course

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