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Homework Help is available only for


If you are a current student registered for either Test Prep, Subject Tutoring or AP Tutoring, then you can take advantage of this service. If you are a new student, unfortunately we cannot offer homework help unless you are also signing up for one of the services mentioned above. However, if you are a friend of one of our students, you can ask them to invite you for our Study Buddy program mentioned below.

Individual Sessions

You can schedule one-off sessions with any of our available tutors to help you with specific projects or homework.

Study Buddy

Invite ONE friend per session to study with you. Both of you will also get a 25% Discount on Study Buddy sessions.

Tech Enabled

You can share your screen, use a shared whiteboard, or just ask for suggestions directly to our expert tutors.

Offline Resources

Our tutors will make sure that you have access to a wide library of available resources to refer for further help.

When should I use homework help?

Homework Help can be of use to you in the following situations:

  • You are stuck on some practice problems because you cannot comprehend the question or are missing a trick
  • You are struggling on specific types of questions and need better ways to approach the problem
  • You want to learn how to optimize your time when doing specific types of homework
  • You are doing group projects and want to learn how to brainstorm ideas and build outlines
  • You are stuck and need to get out of the rut
Who can use this service?

Only the members of Seven Square Extended Learning (SSEL) club are able to use Homework Help from our tutors. This includes current or former students who took SAT/ACT Prep, AP Tutoring, or Subject Tutoring from us.

As a member of SSEL, you can also invite a friend of yours to attend the Homework Help session with you as your Study Buddy.

What is the Study Buddy Program?

Through the Study Buddy program, you can invite a friend of yours to attend a Homework Help or Concept Drill session with you. Some benefits of inviting your ‘buddy’ for homework help are listed below:

  • For all Study Buddy sessions, you and your ‘buddy’ get a 25% discount to attend the session.
  • You collaborate with your ‘buddy’ as the tutor guides you through your homework, thus generating ideas.
  • Note taking becomes easier as both of you cover each-other’s bases.
  • You sacrifice personal attention for increasing the scope of problem solving and active listening.
What is (and isn't) included in the help?

Homework Help includes

  • Teaching students how to approach problem solving
  • Identifying conceptually weak areas that need attention
  • Access to a customized question bank and practice material that students can use for Concept Drills
  • Guiding student through the brainstorming process for academic projects
  • Tips and tricks to optimize problem solving and apply to similar questions

Homework Help does NOT include

  • Solving questions for the student
  • Providing student with any resources or ideas that are not created by the students
  • Completing the student’s homework for them
Do you provide final answers?

Short answer: NO.
Long Answer: If the student is not able to reach the final answer, then there’s still some conceptual or skill gap remaining. We keep pushing them towards finding the missing piece by asking one follow-up question after another. During this process, if the student gets stuck on a concept, we go through concept drills through tangential examples till the student is able to grasp the trick to solve the question and also apply it on similar questions.

Homework Help-

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