We make Quality Education Affordable for Our Clients


Multiple ways to save on tutoring


If you’ve found your way here, you undoubtedly recognize the immense value of a top-notch education. While it’s true that high-quality offerings often come with a premium price tag, we at Seven Square Learning believe in making our exceptional tutoring services more accessible. That’s why we’re thrilled to extend various discounts and special offers to our esteemed clients.

Our goal is to express our gratitude for the unwavering support and trust that both students and parents place in our tutors, as well as to celebrate the incredible impact of their referrals. So, let us reward your dedication to educational excellence with an array of exciting offers, making your investment in your child’s future even more rewarding.

Together, we can unlock your child’s potential and pave the way for their success, all while making the journey a little lighter on your pocket.

Referral Bonuses

Refer a friend to us and receive a $100-$300 credit or donate it to your preferred charity. Help us grow while offering your loved ones exceptional educational opportunities — a win-win for all!

Recurring Clients

For our cherished returning clients, enjoy up to $1,000 (50% off) on our tutoring services as a thank-you for your continued trust. Note that this offer can’t be mixed with other promotions, so you can relish the exclusive benefits.

Package Discounts

Invest in our tutoring packages and save 5%-20% based on size. Consult the scale below for a comprehensive breakdown and give your wallet a well-deserved break while fueling your educational success.

Mental Health Support

We’re committed to supporting our students who are facing mental health challenges, such as ADHD, anxiety, depression, etc. Avail a 10% discount on all our services as a token of our care and support.


1. Referral Bonuses

We provide incentives to parents and students for referring us to their friends and families. A client counts as a referral when they have taken their first official test. In return for the referral, the referrer gets to pick a reward out of these options –

  • Donate $100 to $300 (depending on the tutor and the service) to your preferred charity.
  • Credit $100 to $300 to their own SSL Wallet to be utilized for our tutoring services.

Please note:

  • Homework help, concept drills and crash courses are not considered under the referral program. Only subject tutoring, AP tests and Test Prep services will be considered.
  • Donations will be made in the name of the referrer and they will also get the receipt for confirmation.
  • A referrer is the person who refers new clients to us. A referral is the client that came to us through a referrer and is now availing our services.

2. Recurring Clients

As a valued returning client who has previously worked with our tutors at Seven Square Learning or other platforms, you’re eligible for exclusive benefits. Whether seeking tutoring in another subject or for a different child or sibling, you can enjoy a 50% discount on our services, up to $1,000 for test prep and $500 for subject tutoring.

Please note:

  • Returning clients with the same student (who finished their tutoring curriculum) must select a different service than before to utilize this discount.
  • This offer cannot be combined with other promotions; however, packages remain valid beyond the discounted amount.

Experience our top-notch tutoring services with these unbeatable savings!

3. Package Discounts

If you pay for multiple hours of tutoring in advance, it is considered a package deal. Because you are paying us in advance, we provide additional discounts to acknowledge the faith that you are putting in our services. Note that the number of hours in a package will be discussed with you first over email or other modes of communication, and then an invoice will be generated accordingly.

Package discounts vary based on the total amount of hours you are booking multiplied by the tutor rate. Refer to the table below for specific numbers:

Package Cost Package Discount
$500 – $750 5%
$751 – $1000 9%
$1001-$1500 13%
$1501-$2000 17%
$2001-$2500 21%
$2501 and above 25%


4. Mental Health Support

At Seven Square Learning, we understand the importance of supporting students who face mental health challenges early in life. We believe that every student deserves the opportunity to learn and thrive in a supportive environment, and we’re committed to doing our part.

Our Mental Health Support Discount offers a 10% discount on all our services for students diagnosed with mental health conditions, such as ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, and more. Please note that you are required to submit written proof by a medical professional to get this discount. Also note that you can combine this with our Package Offers.

Our goal is to provide some assistance to families navigating these challenges while ensuring a positive and productive learning experience for the student. Our tutors are empathetic, patient, and dedicated to adapting their teaching methods to cater to the individual needs of each student. We work closely with parents and students to create a personalized learning plan that takes into account the student’s unique strengths and challenges.

Together, we can empower students to overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential. Let us join you on this journey, offering our unwavering support and commitment to your child’s academic success.