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At Seven Square Learning, we understand the dedication and hard work it takes for student-athletes to excel both on and off the field. Our mission is to help them reach their full potential by offering tailored tutoring and test prep solutions that guarantee significant score improvements. By partnering with sports academies and coaches, we aim to provide student-athletes with the academic support they need to secure athletic scholarships and thrive at their target universities.

Score Guarantee

Our proven tutoring methods deliver impressive results, with average score improvements of 250 points on the SAT and 7 points on the ACT. We thus offer guaranteed improvement to all your students targeting certain universities.

Athletic Scholarships

With improved SAT/ACT scores and high school GPA, student-athletes can unlock more athletic scholarship opportunities at their dream schools. Thus, add value for your students by collaborating with our tutors.

Revenue Sharing

As our partner, you’ll receive 15% of all revenue generated from your referrals, offering an additional income stream for your academy or coaching services. Consider it as our token of appreciation for trusting our services.

Academic Support

We make sure that your students have access to a wide library of available resources to refer for further help. Additionally, our tutors will be available for academic support as and when your students need it.


Our team is always on their feet to curate resources for student athletes and sports coaches. Feel free to browse through some of the articles we have published to help student athletes get important information about athletic scholarships, eligibility requirements, sports academies, and more!

Athletic Coaches & Sports academies

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the partnership / brand collaboration work?
  • Recommend Seven Square Learning: Share our exceptional tutoring services with your student-athletes, emphasizing the benefits of improved academic performance and increased athletic scholarship opportunities.
  • Track Referrals and Revenue: We provide a unique referral code to track student sign-ups and revenue generated from your referrals, ensuring a transparent and efficient partnership.
  • Receive Your Share of the Revenue: Enjoy a 15% share of all revenue from your referred student-athletes, rewarding your efforts and contributions to our partnership.
  • Collaborate for Success: Participate in joint marketing efforts, events, and workshops to promote our partnership and showcase the benefits of our combined expertise in sports and academics.
What benefits will our students get from this?
  • Guaranteed score improvement: Our tutoring services come with a score guarantee, ensuring students achieve their target SAT/ACT scores.
    Flexible sessions: We understand student-athletes have demanding schedules; therefore, we offer flexible tutoring sessions to accommodate their busy lifestyles.
  • Discounted tutoring: As part of our partnership, students receive discounted rates on our tutoring services.
  • Access to academic resources: Our students gain access to a wealth of academic resources, including study materials and practice exams.
  • Prioritized attention: Our tutors provide personalized attention to student-athletes, tailoring their teaching approach to meet individual needs.
  • Mindset coaching: We also offer mindset coaching to help students build confidence, develop a positive attitude, and cultivate resilience, essential skills for success in academics and sports.
What age group of students do you work with?

We primarily work with high school and college students, but we also consider working with middle school students, depending on the availability of tutors and the students’ specific needs.

Do you also help students with scholarship applications?

We specialize in providing academic support through tutoring and mentoring, but we do not offer assistance with scholarship applications. Our primary focus is to help students excel academically and improve their SAT/ACT scores, thereby increasing their chances of obtaining athletic scholarships.


What type of coaches and sports academies should partner up with us?

Coaches and sports academies that work with high school or college student-athletes should consider partnering with us. Our services can benefit student-athletes from various sports disciplines, including team sports, individual sports, and emerging sports. By partnering with us, coaches and academies can enhance their athletes’ academic performance and boost their scholarship opportunities, adding value to their existing sports programs.


What do you mean by "Score Guarantee"?

Our score guarantee ensures that student-athletes achieve their target SAT/ACT scores within a proposed timeline. After assessing a student’s diagnostic test results, we create a customized learning plan and timeline to help them reach their target score. If the student does not achieve their target score within the proposed timeline, we will continue to provide tutoring sessions at no additional cost until they reach their target score. This guarantee demonstrates our commitment to our students’ success and our confidence in the effectiveness of our tutoring services.



Athletic Coaches & Sports academies

Frequently Asked Questions