We let our Methodology define our identity as a company


Our Values

What We Value The Most

Academic Success & Improvement

First and foremost, academic success and improvement is the core of our services, because if we cannot provide that to our students and parents, then there is no reason for them to choose us over our competitors. We take pride in the quality and constant evolution of our content, operational processes, and technological integrations that help us identify and fill in the gaps a student faces in their learning. We expect our tutors to become experts at picking out these areas that need improvement, and help a student become conceptually strong and confident no matter what type of subject content they are working with.

Student Mindset and Mental Health

When we use the word “success”, most of the time we mean superficial success. We think about career, grades, fame, purchasing power, etc. However, it is important to understand that while success can mean different things for different people, it can only come if a person is satisfied with the outcome they were aiming for. This is where student mindset and mental health plays a key role, and as a company we recognize how important “attitude” is towards defining success.

What do you mean by Student Mindset? It is the first approach a student takes towards life in general, and academics if we are being specific to education. When you ask a student if they know the answer to a question, be it academic or about life (for example, do you know what you are passionate about?), they will show different emotions based on their mindset. Some would be confident, others shy, and some others just unsure and indifferent.

As tutors, we need to go in with the assumption that every answer a student can potentially give is WRONG. No matter how smart we think they are, how polished their answers sound, we have to be critical of them while at the same time praising them for their current achievements. Student mindset is the key to success, and there is no right answer to this. Our job is not to tell them what the right attitude or mindset is, but to make them realize that no matter what they think, they don’t know it either, and that it is important for them to keep chasing that answer. Slowly, they will reach a place where they are comfortable and healthy, and not numb or complacent. That right there would be success.

Equity in Education

The meaning of this term is universal – everyone deserves high quality education, and it is a right, not a privilege. This feels good to say, but hard to follow. After all, good education, like everything else, requires collaboration and sharing of resources, and these do not come cheap. So how do we justify our mission of making education affordable for all while being a private, profit-making company?

Well, first of all, we believe in the power of technology. We are practical about the solutions we intend to provide, and our initiatives are sustainable in nature (pun intended). We believe that there are enough resources on earth that can be shared and sustained for a high quality of life, and education plays a key role in all of this. You cannot change a society without upgrading their academic and emotional quotients.

Secondly, we believe in the power of collaboration and actively seek partnerships with other organizations, profitable or non-profit. This allows us to maximize our potential while also catalyzing the success of others. Optimal trading and sharing of resources is how we plan to build an environment that is really doing what’s needed to change the world, instead of just claiming it for corporate or marketing purposes.

Founder’s message

To All The Tutors Who Join Us

We started Seven Square Learning with a simple goal in mind – fill in the gaps that current educational institutions and systems bring with themselves by catering to the needs of the current generation. What we mean by that is… the world is growing faster than we could ever imagine, and yet our education systems are finding it hard to catch up. With SSL, we wanted to break this chain and build a future-oriented, forward thinking technological behemoth that can bring a global revolution when it comes to education.

But we are not alone, and we realize that there are a lot of amazing people out there trying to bring positive changes in the world. Thus, as a company we want to collaborate with and cultivate talent that believes in this mission. Bringing a revolution is not easy, and we are just starting out to be honest. There are major companies in the education sector that are trying to bring innovation to the masses. So, how do we stand out?

Well, first of all, we value YOU! You, the tutor that is working directly with the future of the world. Think about it – one day, one of the students you worked with might end up becoming a scientist who will make a major breakthrough, or a politician who will change lives at the ground level, or an entrepreneur who will end up building amazing products and services that will help thousands or even millions of lives.

You need to understand and value the fact that you are not just interacting with a student. You are shaping their minds, their thought processes, and their future. If they improve, then you know that you have contributed to their success. If they succeed, then you know that you have made a difference. That is power, and it carries value that other companies sometimes fail to see, but we do.

Apart from this, what differentiates us further is our futuristic, utterly ambitious, and sometimes ruthless attitude towards our deliverables. What I mean by that is when we are building a product or a service, we need to stick to the basic values, but not limit ourselves to them. We integrate solutions that are neither permanent nor temporary, but adaptive. We upgrade ourselves as individuals as the world upgrades itself in technology, philosophy, and quality of life. We adapt, and so do our solutions.

We want to build a culture that not only promotes these values, but also practices them at the core of every decision we make. As you join our team, I want to welcome you and remind you that we expect nothing but sheer professionalism when it comes to your interactions with our students, clients and community. We set the bar high for everyone that is a part of our team, and we take pride in letting them know about our standards. Take it as a positive challenge and let’s build something great together!

– Kartik Sarda   |   Founder, CEO & Chief Tutor


We understand the value of good communication, so our tutors are trained to provide you with constant updates and maintain transparency about tutoring sessions.


One of out USPs is our digital test taking platform, Circles. Here, students and parents can keep track of their test reports, session notes, scheduling, payment, and much more!

Data Analysis

Each student is different, and so is their approach to learning. We use data to understand their requirements and integrate it constantly with our intuitive tutoring methods.

Timely Delivery

It is not easy to trust a tutoring company making big claims without any deliverables. We ensure that you get the score improvement you deserve within the timeline we established.