The education system in the UK and the staggering convenience of the student life

January 24, 2021


The education system in the UK is one of the most popular ones in the world to study abroad programs. The UK has a rich history and has welcomed international students for hundreds of years. It offers a world-class system that is recognized and respected throughout the world.

education system in the UK

A rundown through the education system in the UK

England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales together make up the United Kingdom with each country having separate education systems under separate governments. In each country, there are five stages of education:

  • Early Years / Preschool
  • Primary Education
  • Secondary Education
  • Further Education
  • Higher Education
education system in the UK

After preschool, the education system in the UK is organized in levels called the “Key stages” consisting –

  • Key Stage 1 – (5 – 7 years of age)
  • Key Stage 2 – (7 – 11 years of age)
  • Key Stage 3 – (11 – 14 years of age)
  • Key Stage 4 – (14 – 16 years of age)
  • Key Stage 5 – (16 – 18 years of age)

Primary education in the UK is comprised of Key Stages 1 and 2 which is made up of students from the year (grade) 1 to 6. Subjects like English, mathematics, science, art & design, history, geography, design & technology, ancient & modern languages, religion, citizenship, computing, music, physical education, etc. are taught in the classrooms and are often incorporated in cross-curriculum assessments and activities. Topics & themes are covered around world events, healthy consumption, nature, wildlife, the environment, mindfulness, etc.

education system in the UK

All primary schools have a library, assembly hall, computing facilities, and a playground. Exercise books, novels, pens, and stationery are given by the school itself. National Curriculum assessments (known as standard attainment tests or Sats) in Reading, Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling; and Mathematics are held place at the completion of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Secondary education consists of children from Key Stage 3 and 4 of grades 7 to 11.

Training lessons are given for citizenship studies and of topics such as English literature, English language, mathematics, science (biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, etc), history, geography, art & design, design & technology, drama & media arts. However, Modern languages (French, German, Spanish, Italian, etc.), business & economics, religion, music, photography, engineering, computing, physical education, etc. are also a part of the curriculum in the UK.

In the final two years of the secondary education system in the UK, school children pursue an optional program of study from interests or career prospects for the subjects – English language, English literature, mathematics, science, citizenship studies, religious studies, computing, and physical education continue to be the focussed and foundation subjects.

education system in the UK

Non-compulsory subjects such as journalism, digital technology, home commerce are offered and studied by some schools. England enables children to specialize in their educational training fields earlier on than other countries. This allows more effective educational engagement and more time for children to use in their most valued subjects. School children are equipped with school planners; which include learning resources, school management, and timetables.

All secondary institutions have a library, assembly hall, playground, dining hall, computing facilities, and a sports hall or gymnasium. Sometimes secondary schools also have a theatre for performing arts. Once a student finishes secondary education they have the option to extend into further education and higher education by getting into colleges and universities.

Why choose the education system in the UK?

UK’s education is world-renowned and the educational institutions there are immensely distinguish and prestigious which provide solid selling points for the future.

education system in the UK

Students get to experience the uniqueness of their multi-cultural environment where all religions and communities are equally represented. The education system in the UK also provides students with various lucrative merit-based scholarships and affordable education compared to other countries. The provision of easily obtainable student visas to deserving students who meet their desired criteria has made the education system in the UK even more convenient.

Moreover, students gain global exposure and get to broaden their horizon by coming out from their comfort zone and grow as an individual. The UK encourages the exploration of one’s creative side and enhancing their critical thinking skills which will make the students more compatible with the global work-force. It offers cost-effective accommodations in good neighborhoods and student discounts on travel cards for easy transportation.

Students try out the ethnic cuisines, indulge in the authentic English breakfast with fish n chips, and various kinds of tea. They visit places like Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, famous British museums with a countless number of artifacts from all around the globe, see parks, and enjoy the scenic beauty of the country.

education system in the UK

There are also a lot of sports and recreational activities to enjoy with friends and once in a lifetime music festivals to attend. Summing it up, the overall experience of the education system in the UK and the student exchange programs here will change a person’s life in immensely positive ways and make them ready for their future aspirations.


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