5 Reasons that Show the Importance of Global Awareness In Making A Better Future!

June 2, 2021


The importance of global awareness is immeasurable in today’s times. We live in a world that is struggling with many challenges. These struggles are not limited to individuals, states, countries, or even regions. They extend to every single citizen of the planet. When global awareness has become such a pressing concern, students must be made aware of it.

We bring to you five reasons that highlight the importance of global awareness in the classroom. 

Global Awareness in the Classroom Can Help Us Get a Head Start 

Several issues plague the global society. We are facing environmental, social, and economic problems all over the world. Deforestation, poaching, and pollution are leading to several pressing concerns like global warming and climate change. Despite the progress of human society, many parts of the world are still suffering from grave social and political turmoil. Some examples include discrimination based on gender, caste, creed, or race, and terrorism. Many people in this world still do not have access to equal resources and cannot afford a basic standard of life.

We Must Realize the Importance of Global Awareness or the Earth Will Soon Crumble

With so many problems, we are already falling behind in forging a safe future for ourselves. However, we can get a head start if we take the first step of spreading global awareness to students. We must remember that the students of today will be becoming the decision-makers of tomorrow. Making them understand the importance of global awareness at a young age can inculcate honourable values in them. Ultimately, this can forge them into responsible and actionable citizens. Spreading awareness at the fundamental level of schooling is imperative. It ensures the citizens of tomorrow do not repeat the same mistakes we made. 

Understanding the Importance of Global Awareness is the First Step Towards Change 

One of the main reasons we are not making considerable progress in tackling global issues is the lack of awareness among the population. A large part of the population does not recognize the urgency of these problems. 

  • Did you know that the number of people living below the poverty line is expected to rise to 150 million by the end of 2021? 
  • 0.01% to 0.1% of plant and animal species go extinct every year.
  • More than 250,000 people can soon be dying due to climate change every year.
  • Every year, more than 12 million girls become child brides all over the world.

These depressing statistics are just the tip of the vast iceberg of global issues. Most common people remain completely uninformed about them. Without awareness, how can we expect a change at all? 

Global Awareness Can Help Solve the Problem of Lack of Sanitation Facilities
One Importance of Global Awareness is that It Teaches Students to Become Problem-Solvers

This is why global awareness in the classroom is so important. It sensitizes the students to the plight of the underprivileged. It helps them appreciate the importance of flora and fauna and the great role nature plays in the lives of each of us. Inculcating such an understanding in students gradually motivates them. Slowly, they start taking the initiative of working towards bringing a change. 

Global Environmental Awareness Can Save the Planet 

Global environmental awareness is arguably the most pressing issue of today. It is a critical subject that can affect the course of mankind and our planet. The Covid-19 pandemic we are experiencing right now is a small example of the consequences we can face if we remain so casual about the gifts of nature. The Australian Bushfires and the Locust Attacks of 2020 stand testaments of the critical importance of global awareness. 

Spreading global environmental awareness must remain a priority for every educational institution in the world. The lack of this awareness can wipe mankind out of existence. Awareness in the classroom can create an astounding impact on the future of our planet. 

We Can Preserve Our Beautiful Environment Through Global Awareness
We Can Preserve Our Beautiful Environment Through Global Awareness

With awareness, the motivation to take the initial steps comes easily. Proper education and encouragement can help students begin with small steps. These steps can be in the form of avoiding littering or recycling materials. Emphasis must constantly be laid on the far-reaching benefits of each step. This way, students will want to take up the initiative of carrying out these positive actions. For example, conserving water only for a year can save 44,000 gallons of water from being wasted. 

As students mature and become responsible for taking the future of mankind into their hands, they can utilize their understanding of these pressing problems to come up with innovative solutions. 

Awareness of Global Issues Can Help Us Improve as a Society 

Environmental issues are not the only problems we are facing as a global society. Awareness of social, political, and economic issues is equally important. There are several disturbing facts about certain sections of the human population that can move any person: 

  • Two billion people in the world suffer from food insecurity.
  • Half of the world is deprived of essential medical facilities.
  • Two hundred million women alive today have undergone the cruel practice of female genital mutilation.
  • Studies suggest that half of the transgender population have had or will face sexual assault at some point in their lifetime.
  • 6,700 infants lose their lives every day.

Discrimination and inequality touch many facets of human existence. With such large numbers of people living in acute conditions, we must sensitize students with their plight. This is where the importance of global awareness is reflected. 

We Need Global Awareness to Stop Human Rights Violation
We Need Global Awareness to Stop Human Rights Violation

Global awareness builds empathy- the first step towards correction. Students must be made aware of the gravity of the situation. They should be able to comprehend the dire circumstances that a large chunk of the population faces. Only then will they be motivated to take action and eliminate these problems.

It will also develop them into respectful individuals who can appreciate diversity. This diversity can be in the form of differences in culture, caste, race, and gender. Inculcating an appreciation for diversity will ensure that these students do not contribute to these existing social problems. 

Global Issues Awareness Can Help Forge a Balance Between Progress & Preservation

As human society moves forward, progress is the main focus of our existence. We have made innumerable technological and social progress that has made us the most advanced species on the planet. Despite existing on Earth for 300,000 years, we continue to come out with more and more innovative inventions and ideas. All this makes it abundantly clear that humans are far from realizing their full potential, and we still have a long way to go. 

However, we will never be able to achieve everything we are capable of if we do not start focusing on the importance of global awareness. Global awareness in the classroom will allow students to fuse all the concepts they learn with the values it inculcates in them. 

With Global Awareness, We Can Achieve Sustainable Development
Sustainable Development Can Become A Reality If We Realize the Importance of Global Awareness in Classrooms

Sustainable development is the biggest goal we are trying to achieve right now. It is the ability to keep on developing while preserving our resources so that future generations can progress too. With global awareness, the concept of sustainable development can percolate to the fundamental educational levels. With proper guidance, the citizens of the future can strike a healthy balance between progress and preservation. 

All these reasons clearly show that the importance of global awareness cannot be emphasized enough. It must take top priority in the education of young minds. Students are the future of human society. The children of today are the decision-makers of tomorrow. Hence, we must equip future decision-makers with the right resources. Only then can human society keep progressing without causing harm to our precious planet. 


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