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Seven Square Extended Learning


Seven Sqare Extende Learning (SSEL) is a club dedicated to all our clients and students and their friends. This initiative contributes towards raising awareness for Student Mental Health, while also raising funds for increasing the Equity in Education. Below are some ways we carry out this mission.

Workshops & Seminars

We invite you to attend our monthly workshops. All proceeds are donated to partner charities and non-profits.

Study Materials

All members get exclusive access to our study materials prepared for the SAT, ACT, AP Tests, and college subjects.

Community Events

From time to time, we host online events that boost awareness about Student Mental Health & Equity in Education.

Online Resources

From informational videos to detailed blogs, you get access to our premium academic resources.

How does your referral program work?

We provide incentives to parents and students for referring us to their friends and families. A client counts as a referral when they have taken their first official test. In return for the referral, the referrer gets to pick a reward out of these options –

  • Donate $300 or 3x the hourly rate of the referral’s tutoring service, whichever is lower, to promoting student mental health
  • Donate $300 or 3x the hourly rate of the referral’s tutoring service, whichever is lower, to promoting equity in education.
  • Credit $300 or 3x the hourly rate of the referral’s tutoring service to their own SSL Wallet

Please note that Homework Help, Concept Drills and Crash Courses are not considered under the referral program. Only Subject Tutoring, AP Tests and Test Prep services are considered for the referral program.

  • Donations will be made in the name of the referrer and they will also get the receipt for confirmation
  • A referrer is the person who refers new clients to us. A referral is the client that came to us through a referrer and is now availing our services.
Who can join SSEL?

All parents and students that work with us automatically become members of the SSEL Club, irrespective of the service they availed. You can also get involved if you are an educator, consultant, counselor or administrator who works with students. Simply drop an email to outreach@sevensquarelearning.com to show your interest, and we can start a conversation about how you can become a part of this initiative.

How do you promote Equity in Education?

When starting Seven Square Learning, the founders realized immense gap in learning due to inequal distribution of income. Not being able to afford quality education prevents a community from progressing. While schools are great, the impact that 1-on-1 tutoring can have on academic improvement is unmatched. Thus, we made sure to create an operational pipeline that allows us to offer flexible rates for high quality tutoring. In fact, the funds from SSEL are used to provide free tutoring to kids coming from underpreviliged backgrounds. We also offer scholarships to high performing students.

How do you promote student mental health?

We support organizations in India and the United States that work towards raising awareness about student mental health. We raise money for SSEL through client referrals and paid workshops where specialists from various fields related to psychology and education discuss relevant topics. Money raised from these workshops is donated to charities and non-profits that support student mental health.


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